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Engine Bearing
Modern engine highly demands the pressure, high gear and wear-resisting property of engine bearing and piston ring. Thus, we have promoted the resources actively and adjust the product structure timely in recent years. On purchasing the raw material, we establish stable cooperation relationships with famous material suppliers in China. We test the material and control the quality strictly to guarantee the stability and reliability of the material from the source. In addition, we introduced the most advanced automatic production line in China. The automatic broaching machine is controlled by PC. It can control the half girth and the parallelism of the two sides within 0.02mm. High speed boring machine of constant temperature is adopted to process internal surface. The tolerance of wall thickness is controlled within 0.005mm. The accuracy of spectroscopic instrument for testing wall thickness is 0.2um; the roughness of internal surface is less than Ra3.2 m;The edge distance, length and height of locating lip is controlled within 0.1mm. Therefore, it fundamental guarantee that the auto parts we produce are superior products and we are the perfect matching manufacturer for engine factories

Other company's Ref. No. available for reference,such as MAHLE/KING/KS/AE/GLYCO etc. More detail ,please contact Mr.Michael